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Covering AirVenture 2012 in a Field of Yellow

Attention Cub Pilots - There will be an 80th in 2017

From far and wide all across North America, Piper Cub owners are planning to attend EAA AirVenture 2017, which will be held July 24 thru July 30 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. There will be a gathering at Hartford before AirVenture, mass flight of J-3 Cubs into Oshkosh Sunday morning, special parking for Cubs at Oshkosh and much, much more.

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This website is designed to keep you updated on the latest information on the Piper Cub events surrounding EAA AirVenture 2017 (including gathering points on the way to Oshkosh), along with providing an interactive community for all Cub owners and pilots leading up to the big event.



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 I missed all of the action at Hartford as I drove to Columbus, Ohio from Florida to take my son and two grandsons to Oshkosh arriving on Sunday. It was great to see many yellow aircraft parked together for the 80th. My grandsons had a great first time at the show and my son noticed many changes in the twenty some years since his last visit. I hope everyone enjoyed this adventure as much as I did.

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- Let's do it again in 2017 -                    around Chicago - view here 

                                                                landing OSH     - view here   

11/18/2012 - film of 75 Cubs scrambling from Hartford - view here 

 John Graham say

Rick thanks, that's great!

Our pattern was like those whiskey burners too. We were told, "whatever you do, do not pass and follow the guy in front of you".

As far as I could see in front of me, there were yellow cubs on a 30 degree heading, and Oshkosh was on a 360 degree heading. I guess we did the great circle route.

Cannon 1 week ago

I can tell you why we were on the wrong course to OSH! The guy two ahead of me left Hartford in the mass departure, but didn't bother telling those of us behind him that he was going to Appleton, not OSH.. I finally gave up when he went feet wet over lake Winnebago, and made a 20 degree left turn toward OSH. The guy immediately in front of me had the same idea at *exactly* the same time. We both turned simultaneously toward OSH. From that point on, there was a large kink in the train of Cubs going to OSH.









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